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In all likelihood, you are only recently stumbling encide inside. If you are curious about how we came out of nowhere, I assure you, we didn't. I admit that this guess does make sense, as we have been a private community since early on. For the sake of simplicity, we have mostly kept to ourselves. Beyond my expectations, our little group has stayed active and invested in each other. Before this relaunch, our forum interface was unimpressive. It worked, and the discussions were exceptional, so I kept it alive while dreaming about what it could become. Eventually, after years of steady iterations after my day job, I decided to give this place my complete attention by rebuilding it from the ground up for a much wider audience.

Encide was founded in early 2008 by 13 designers, developers and creatives who had previously built friendships on another website called Mished. Those members and their broader networks came from a handful of leading design communities that in many cases lacked an interpersonal quality. Our greatest strength has been in creating an environment where honest, responsible feedback is encouraged and expected. The simple goal is to help push our members towards their own visions of success. Less than a year after our launch, we decided to make our community invite-only due to busy schedules and a desire to uphold the quality level in our topics while keeping moderation efforts to a minimum. We have remained active and tightly-knit since then while slowly growing as it made sense. For the first time since then, we are a slightly more visible group with a blog to provide us a voice and a shop to sustain it.

Encide History

Learn more about our dense history.

We started this place with the simple goal of staying active and online. Running a long term community is overflowing with technical challenges and it can be an expensive process as choosing the logical language or software today might not make sense in 5 years. The aftermath of making a wrong the decision can usually be corrected, but it may take some time to do well. I learned this lesson first hand. Without regrets, I am thrilled to have stayed true to the original goals of this community even if it was the biggest technical challenge of my career. On a personal level, this project was a chance to earn the designer + developer title.

4 responses to “History 101”

  1. I don’t have words for the relaunch of encide.
    It’s just such a wonderful feeling having those super talented and motivated people who I adore and learned to love over all the years. Great work on all you have done Tim – speaking from the design but also from the technical perspective.

  2. Gotta say it has indeed been many years we have known each other now Tim, when we all discussed the creation of making a new Encide I never dreamt it could be this nice. Fantastic work mate hats off old friend. I myself am struggling to keep Area01 alive. But I refuse to let it die, I think I’ve been running that place over 11 years now lol xD

    Keep up the amazing work bud, you’ve indeed built a sexy home for us creative deviants :D

    • Thanks Enzu! Yeah keeping a community alive is a full-time job in and of itself. The number of details that have required attention, thought, and decision making have been way beyond what I expected 8+ years ago. The beauty of Area01 is that it is on the DA platform, so you can take breaks from it without too many consequences. ;)


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