Poll: Favorite Encide Interfaces Year?

Which year of the "Encide Interfaces" was your favorite? Let us know!

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Which Encide Interfaces year was your favorite?

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8 responses to “Poll: Favorite Encide Interfaces Year?”

    • I agree Tim, I think the 2010 one was by far the best. Not necessarily because of the results, but because of the skill and creativity required to pull it off. It really challenged us to be precise and focus on highlights and reflections rather than hiding sloppiness in the shadows. It yielded some different styles as well which I really enjoyed looking at. Bency always makes wonderful designs, but the gold one he made for 2010 was on a different level. That’s proven by how many times it was ripped. People and companies have no idea what it is, but they know it looks really, really cool and they had to pair it with their product.

  1. 2010 has so many creative submissions and a lot of character right from the start. Lots of quality, and well I’ve always been partial to lighter designs. I agree that Bency’s design was fantastic, almost as good as the one that followed it.

  2. Both 2009 and 2010 were my faves. We were such a happy forum back then, Encide was bursting with creative minds and a myriad of different styles. We had everything from simple photo manip up to hand drawn, digital painted, and even 3D modelling. I met some very cool people in those Battlebays and took away some awesome memories. I will certainly participate in the next Encide battlebay. And maybe I can contact some old friends to take part .. no promises though.


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