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The rebrand and redesign of Encide started in July of 2012. At the time, I had only been working at Intel for a few weeks. For the first few months there, we were all working out of tiny, stereotypical cubicles while our new office space was under construction. I was also new to Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley, as of June. Itching to tackle my own creative project after work hours, I began to study and sketch logos. I had always been far more interested in interface and UX design rather than typography or branding, but I was hungry to acquire some new skills. Since I have always maintained the Encide community, and the previous logo wasn’t designed as a complete visual identity system, it was the perfect excuse to jump in and create something. It turns out brand guides aren’t just weekend projects!

After a few years of iterating on the brand guide while rebuilding the website and business, I am almost ready to publish this massive project. The PDF brand guide is 50 richly detailed pages covering every aspect of the Encide rebrand. Today, I am publishing a few previews to the public. Our forum members have been some but certainly not all of this. I am currently squashing bugs on the real website, but I plan to publish this living document in the next few months!


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The public version will eventually be available at!

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