Interface B-Sides 2009 (Part 2/2)

A year after Encide began, our little community wanted to push the boundaries of what our concept interfaces could look like. While earlier communities with interface “battlebays” had come and gone, we wanted to leave a truly unique mark. The project was a wild success and an unprecedented labor of love for the sub-culture. There were no clients or rules, only a few obvious guidelines and a deadline. For years, I have held onto a collection of scraps, leftovers, and alternatives that participants created that year. Most of these have never been shown outside of our private forum. Enjoy, and check back again soon for more b-sides from 2010!


(1) (By Ali Ghandour) – This is an earlier, less bloody version of Ali’s step #29.
(2) (By Brett Zenor, aka “theCasualties”) – This earlier version of step #44 had less glows and lighting.
(3) (By Tadej Miklavc, aka “mightyMiki”/“Etn1spi”) – These are the flat wireframes and early drafts of what became step #18.
(4) (By Travis Hall, aka “Beatsta”) – This is an alternative presentation and environment for step #51.
(5) (By Chukwuemeka Joseph, aka “CNARIO”) – An earlier, alternative color of what became step #39.
(6) (By Mads Ejsing, aka “Ejsing”) – This unused concept was replaced by step #54.
(7) (By Axel Norvell, aka “Axertion”) – An early sketch of what became step #11.
(8) (By Kerry Johnson, aka “KJ”/“K-Johnson”/“Psygn”) – An unused concept called “Beez.”
(9) (By Clubberry, aka “ScUm”) – An incomplete concept with unique colors and glows.
(10) (By James, aka “ookie1”) – Another incomplete concept.
(11) (By Travis Hall, aka “Beatsta”) – Earlier drafts of Travis’s step #26.
(12) (By Henri Palm, aka “Nuvarel”/“m1r1”) – An earlier draft of Henri’s step #33.
(13) (By Nigel Evans, aka “Enzu”) – Early drafts and alternatives which became step #6.
(14) (By Tim Silva) – Earlier drafts of what became step #1.

I hope you enjoyed taking a quick look into the past! If you enjoyed these images and notes, there are more of these on the way. I have collected and curated hundreds of images from these projects that have mostly never been seen before. If you want to take a look back at the complete 2009 project, you can view it online here or as a massive single image here.

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