Workspaces 2016

Check out these real workspaces from members of the Encide community! We easily spend at least 100 hours per month at our workspaces. Sometimes, it is fun to capture how they look and share them with others. Personally, I tend to remix my workspace yearly to keep it fresh. Workspaces are similar to personal logos and portfolios in that creatives never seem to be truly happy with them. Every possible outcome has its pros and cons which results in endless tinkering. However, unlike logos and websites which some of opt out of to ignore the stress, we all must do our work somewhere! Ideally, we all try to find the time to arrange our tools and devices in such a way that is both functional and pleasant as we practice our craft.

Tim Silva



Say hello to my humble workspace. I designed and developed most of the Encide website with this setup. I use an electronic sit/stand Geek Desk with a 15 Inch Retina MacBook Pro and a Thunderbolt Display which is then lifted by an Ergotron desk mount. I often wear my Parrot Zik bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation for complete focus. I always have a coffee mug nearby and a deck of playing cards to practice cardistry while I brainstorm about design and/or code solutions. I also have a tablet, phone, and Windows machine nearby for testing and development.

Daniel Sandvik



Workspace by Daniel Sandvik. “Here’s my current home setup. I usually travel around with the laptop. Now here’s something you’ve probably never see from a designers’ workspace. APPLE FREE… Yeah Apple free. Nothing feels better than building your own custom PC from scratch.”

Kadir Inan



Workspace by Kadir Inan. “The shot above was taken with a D90 + Nikon 50/1.4G. It’s an LG29EA93, and the screen holder is an Ergotron MX.”

Stoyan Shishev



Workspace by Stoyan Shishev.

Ethan Ellis



Workspace by Ethan Ellis. “Ideally, if I had a bigger desk, my laptop would be the main centered focus with the second screen on the side.”

Ali Ghandour



Workspace by Ali Ghandour. “Not as I hoped it to be (I’m no photographer) but I mainly just didn’t want to look weird in front of my coworkers so I did what I could lol.”

Astrit Malsija



Workspace by Astrit Malsija. “This is at my office. As you all know, I am the CTO of MIK Agency, and we have a shared space.”

Ismet Trako



Workspace by Ismet Trako. “My new workspace finally done!”

Stan Janssen



Workspace by Stan Janssen.

Nigel Evans (aka Enzu)



Workspace by Nigel Evans (aka Enzu).

We plan to make this article a yearly series to document how our workspaces evolve over the years. It’s impossible to predict, but comparing today’s workspaces to what was common a decade ago makes me fantasize about how they will look in another decade or two. Will the keyboard and mouse ever be replaced by more efficient hardware interactions? Will screen sizes stay the same? Will wires ever become rare to see? Will all-in-one machines dominate?

If you want more of this, Daniel Sandvik was kind enough to share the Battle Stations subreddit with us. Endless inspiration and ideas are shared there. The sidebar of that subreddit also lists a lovely (often funny) handful of related forums too.

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