Encide Interfaces 2016

Back in May, we started off fresh with a massive rebrand and a slick, new website. After a few months of fixing bugs and getting the blog cycle going consistently, its time for a new group project. Let's make history with some new fantasy interface concepts for 2016!

The 2016 edition is live here: encide.com/interfaces/2016
Previous editions of “Encide Interfaces” can be found here: 2009 | 2010 | 2012 | 2014

December 15th 30th, 2016.

These are not true user interfaces, they are fantasy/concept interfaces, or art. I want to imagine reaching out to these creations, picking them up, and exploring the visible ways to interact with them (buttons, knobs, screens, grips, etc). They must hint towards interactivity in some way. Be creative. If your step isn’t consistent enough with the broader creative direction, I will let you know and offer suggestions for it to align better if its close. If is completely wrong, I will let you know too. For a better understanding of what is appropriate, look through some of the outcomes from previous years. Some are more appropriate than others, so use your judgment to work in a direction that makes sense and pushes the envelope without feeling out of place. Consider a mixture of industrial design, product design, user interface design, and art all colliding together in some way.

Download the 2016 template here:

Encide Interfaces 2016 Template (PSD)

An optional shadow layer is included in the PSD. Plus, there is a masked folder where you interface will go which prevents you from messing up the edges of the template and leaving pixels that prevent steps from seamlessly connecting together. This has been a problem almost every year, so this is my attempt to help you all prevent it.

Download the Encide logo assets and review the Brand Guide here.

If you are a member of the forum, please post your step here: encide.com/forum/categories/projects/interfaces/interfaces-2016/

If you are not a member of the forums, please email your submissions to timsilva @ gmail [dot] com with the subject “Encide Interfaces 2016 Step” before December 15th, 2016. If I like your concept, I will invite you into the forums so that you can get any potential feedback that other members might have on your step.

Below are some previews of interfaces steps that are already in the works!


Stay tuned for more previews on our social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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