Interface B-Sides 2010 (Part 3/3)

Following our premier community project in 2009, we wanted to keep the momentum going but with one significant change. So in 2010, we changed the template from a dark design to a lighter stage. While it may appear to only be a tiny change, it completely altered how almost everyone approached the project. Take a look at this amazing collection of scraps, leftovers, and alternatives that participants created that year. Most of these have never been shown outside of our private forum. Enjoy, and check back again soon for more b-sides from 2012!


(1) (By Rob Faller, aka “huga”/“3xplode”) – An unfinished set of concepts.
(2) (By “Sab0r”) – Early drafts of what became step #6.
(3) (By “pr0jectile”) – Unfinished concepts that didn’t fit the project’s guidelines.
(4) (By “SoBe”) – An unfinished concept.
(5) (By Sean Michael) – A scraped, alien DJ concept.
(6) (By Will G, aka “willg”) – A fun variation on what became step #11.
(7) (By Sword, aka “Sword Media”) – An unfinished concept.
(8) (By Simon Ohm, aka “Godsilla”) – An unfinished concept and earlier versions of what became step #28.
(9) (By Jive Gerard G. Medina, aka “Jive”/“Tsukasaxen”/“Jaivu”) – Unfinished concepts (they were missing an interactive element).
(10) (By Scott Kane, aka “s0nkite”) – An unused concept and earlier drafts of what became step #13.

I hope you enjoyed taking a quick look into the past! If you enjoyed these images and notes, there are more of these on the way. I have collected and curated hundreds of images from these projects that have mostly never been seen before. If you want to take a look back at the complete 2010 project, you can view it online here.

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