Interface B-Sides 2012 (Part 1/3)

Following our secondary community project in 2010, we decided to go back to a dark template design in 2012. Take a look at this amazing collection of scraps, leftovers, and alternatives that participants created that year. Most of these have never been shown outside of our private forum. Enjoy, and check back again soon for more 2012 b-sides!


(1) (By Scott Rohan, aka “DarthAcey”/“Acey”) – Early 3D and augmented reality drafts of what became step #8. (Extra b-sides here.)
(2) (By Adis Hasanic, aka “Songy”) – Unfinished drafts that had some potential.
(3) (By Alejandro Dorantes, aka “Adeoh”) – An alternative version of step #7.
(4) (By Cyrix, aka “cyrixDesign”) – An unfinished concept.
(5) (By Ethan Ellis, aka “Slow Duck”) – Drafts of an unfinished concept.
(6) (By Jon Fitzsimmons, aka “Fitz”) – An earlier version of step #13.
(7) (By Fredrik Lund, aka “Macilot”/“ShinyChrome”) – An earlier version of what became a small part of step #18.
(8) (By Martina Stipan, aka “t1na”) – Earlier versions of what became step #29.
(9) (By Sébastien Chapelant, aka “hemoglodreams”) – An earlier draft of step #6.
(10) (By Meo Olivier Martreux, aka “meo”/“cooliographistyle”) – Earlier drafts of what became steps #16, #21, and #48. There are also some scraps as well.
(11) (By Jesse Watt, aka “Skybrix”) – Earlier drafts and alternative presentations of steps #25 and #36. (Bonus b-side videos here, here, and here.)
(12) (By Simon Ohm, aka “Godsilla”) – Stunning drafts and concepts before step #27 was created.

As a huge bonus, this article includes some much needed video content!

In this rare set of videos, you can watch Jesse Watt, aka “Skybrix”, create a high-end concept interfaces from scratch in a video.

I hope you enjoyed taking a quick look into the past! If you enjoyed these images and notes, there are more of these on the way. I have collected and curated hundreds of images from these projects that have mostly never been seen before. If you want to take a look back at the complete 2012 project, you can view it online here.

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  1. Wow, I forgot about that. Damn, you must have saved a shit ton of images. There is 2 concepts I started and deleted very shortly after. I’d be very impressed if you have those saved. I don’t have them anymore either.


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