Portfolios 2016 (Part 2/2)

Here are some current portfolios from designers in our community. Of course, everyone who was willing to share is either still working on their site, or they are currently building a new one from scratch. I think we can all relate to that since every designer ever is always in one of those two stages indefinitely. These portfolio websites are all real and coded, so go see them live! Screenshots are all scaled down to 70% for presentational purposes. View part one.

Policarp Quarcoo



Portfolio by Policarp Quarcoopquar.me

Curtis Renkiewcz



Portfolio by Curtis Renkiewcziamcurtis.me

Frode Aabak



Portfolio by Frode Aabakfrodes.it

Marcel Petrov



Portfolio by Marcel Petrovmarcelpetrov.de

Davey Heuser



Portfolio by Davey Heuserdavey.im

This will hopefully become an annual series for our core community members. Nowadays, it seems like fewer and fewer designers actually own a domain for their portfolio. People are relying on social media and design networks for attracting clients and publishing their works. I’m curious to see how many of these domains will be expired in a decade.

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